Some occasions when I have said things orally, and any related resources.

2017-08-03: QuineDB

A lightning talk at Open Source Open Mic on QuineDB.

Slides [pdf]

2015-04-21: Purely Random

A talk at ClojureWest 2015 on splittable random number generators and their application to test.check.

Video [youtube]

Slides [pdf]

2015-02-25: Vars Vars Vars Vars Vars Vars Vars Vars Vars Vars Vars

A deep dive into virtually every aspect of Clojure's vars, given at the Chicago Clojure meetup group.

Slides [pdf]

2014-11-18: How to Program your Quantum Computer

A shorter and more polished version of the 2012 talk by the same name, also at Geekfest in Chicago.

Slides [html]

2014-11-05: Quantum Computing

A longer, more rambly, and in-depth version of the 2012 talk on quantum computing, this time for a delightfully tiny audience at the North Shore Fringe Coders meetup group.

Slides [html]

2014-09-24: Probabilistic Algorithm for Testing Primality

This talk at the Papers We Love meetup group introduced the background and some of the content of this paper on the Miller-Rabin primality test.

Slides [pdf]

2013-03-28: Metaprogramming: Clojure vs. Ruby

Gave an overview of the methods of metaprogramming in Clojure and Ruby, and argued that metaprogramming in Clojure is both easier to understand and less necessary.

2013-03-20: Swearjure

A lightning talk given at ClojureWest 2013.

Video [infoq]

Slides [pdf]

2013-03-19: Macros: Why, When, and How

An introduction to Clojure Macros given at ClojureWest 2013.

Video [infoq]

Slides [pdf]

2013-02-12: Turn Your Parentheses Up To Eleven

An introduction to Clojure macros given at Geekfest, preparing for the ClojureWest talk.

2013-01-10: Introduction to ClojureScript

At Codemash, similar to the Geekfest talk from earlier.

2012-12-18: Core.logic Workshop

This was an introductory workshop given at the Chicago Clojure meetup group. It involved a clone of of 4clojure that had logic problems to solve. The 4clojure site is no longer up, but the source of the problems can be found here.

2012-12-04: Introduction to ClojureScript

At Geekfest.

2012-09-18: Geekfest: How to Program your Quantum Computer

A talk given at Geekfest introducing Quantum Computing with a quantum circuit simulator embedded in the slides (which was eventually repackaged standalone here).

Slides [html]

2012-08-07: (neato clojure.core.logic)

At Geekfest.