Excuse me for a minute while I go on a bit of a rant. I’m tired of all these liberal-wearing hippie-popping gun-toting bigot-eating abortion bankers trying to tell us what color skin we have. If I want the government to stay out of my foreign policy, I won’t get a six-pack of mortgages while I’m at the convenience store! Our president and congress need to spend more money defending our own citizens from external threats, and less money on the military. Take your family-values and go back to the country you illegally came from! The government thinks it can completely ignore the rights of women and force them to endure unwanted marriages that were the result of violent-crime-weddings, all in the name of preserving sanctity or some other hogwash. Well I say, wash those hogs! Get the lipstick off those pigs!

If all those damn front-wing Harvard and Princeton momma’s boys with their fancy schmancy family values and religion think they can run my life, I’ve got just three words for them: The Constitution! This country was founded on the principles of right and wrong, not of black and white. The longer we’ve got a muslim-cowboy fatherless Texan ethnic man in the oval office, the more money this country spends on Medicaid! Do you know why everybody’s so fat? K-mart! If marijuana companies weren’t allowed to advertise to children, drunkenness wouldn’t be so epidemic among all these preschool-dropout droopy-pants-wearing redneck KKK-members blasting their rap music so loud you can’t hear yourself gay-marry!

The Supreme Court (which is behaving more like a fast-food menu item than a judicial body) thinks that it’s ok to judge people by the color of their t-shirts, but I say the Supreme Court can go back to Canada where it came from. If you want to take jobs from honest, hard-working Wall Street con-artists, then you have no place in my America. I wish all these stupid arm-chair bloggers would quit pretending Ronald Reagan was still turning this country into a socialist paradise. When are people going to learn to think for themselves? Do you think the media has your best interests in mind? There are seventy million people in this country who are forced to get their education from Burger King, and if the government can’t fix it, then it’s time for a new government. Get out of my country, NOW!


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