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This is where an individual instance of the genetic algorithm is displayed. The algorithm was run on the board shown below with the parameters indicated in the table. You can view the final result using the controls below the board.

Generations: 15356


Because this solution seems a little excessively long, I ran it again with time for minimizing the program size.

Algorithm Parameters

Population Size 150
Mutation Width 4
Recombination Cuts 2
Duplicates Replaced true
Mutation Immunity for Leader true
Extended Time for Minimizing Program Size No extended time

Board: Forest


Out of 3513590000 randomly generated programs, none of them were solutions for this board, but an average of 0.0338588984485953 targets were lit.


This board is a group of targets placed among a group of fixed pillars.
Function 1
Function 2


At moments of improvement

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Generations Lit Commands
15355 12 179
15084 11 185
12116 10 207
5528 9 194
4042 8 180
1851 7 146
1521 5 120
291 4 74
116 2 79
0 1 65